Can You Show Me A Sample Of A Business Proposal?


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You will find a very good sample of a business proposal at

Although every business proposal is subjective to that business, there are still many common traits in a good business proposal. A typical business proposal might include:

•An Executive Summary introducing your company, what you will do or provide to the customer, and how the customer will benefit from what you propose.

•A statement of work or technical approach describing what you will do or provide for the customer. An implementation schedule and description of deliverables is usually included. If products are being proposed, then product descriptions are usually provided (the amount of detail depends on the customer’s requirements).

•A management plan describing how you will organise and supervise any work to be performed. A schedule of major milestones and allocation of resources may be provided.

•Corporate qualifications that describe your capability to do or provide what you are proposing. Relevant prior experience is usually highlighted.

•A Staffing Plan that describes how the project will be staffed is sometimes on large service contracts. If particular people are important to the approach, their resumes are usually provided.

•Contracts and Pricing. If the proposal is being used to close a business deal, then business and contractual terms are usually provided.

If your proposal is going to be submitted to a Government agency, then the composition and layout of the proposal may have regulatory requirements to comply with. In the case of the Federal Government, these are usually based on the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
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Show me a sample of proposal for supply and installation of an item
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Hi, I am in need of and trucking company business proposal. Is there anyone that can help me. Need and sample one to help me get started. Send to [email protected] .com Thank for the help!
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go to your local SCORE office. They are a wealth of business acumen and experience.

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