How Do I Draft A Cleaning Service Proposal Letter?


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If you have been contacted or you have contacted someone else about providing a cleaning service, it is considered professional to follow it up with a well written letter. From the first contact with the client make sure that you have taken as many details about their circumstances as possible. The more that you show you have remembered about the client, the more likely it is that they are going to hire you.

Make sure that your letter has a professional looking header that is clearly marked with your name or company, address and any other contact details that you believe are necessary. Don't include too many, normally an address, phone number and email will be sufficient. If possible, add the date that you are writing the letter. This means that in any future communication you will be able to refer back to this date. If you know the client's name, address the letter directly to them. If not use 'Sir or Madam' or 'to the manager'.

If you are writing the letter as a follow up to some communication with the client, begin the letter with 'Prior to our conversation on [insert date] I am writing to tell you about the cleaning services that I provide'. Keep your summary short and concise. Talk about your skills, services and the prices that you charge. If you can, mention that prices can be negotiated. Some clients may be put off by a fixed charge that they feel is too expensive but most of the time they will pay the amount you have detailed. If you have managed to collect any information about your client, briefly mention this in your letter. You don't want to sound as if you have been studying them in too much depth but, for example, if they mentioned that they need their kitchen kept particularly clean, make a reference to their kitchen in the letter.  Sign the letter by hand and encourage the client to contact you for any further information.

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