How To Make A Good Funding Proposal? Can You Give Me A Sample?


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In order to write a good funding proposal you need to do the following:

1. Give an introduction of your project.
2. State the objective of the project
3. Describe the project
4. Give rationale for carrying it out. This is one of the most important parts of a funding proposal. This is where you convince the donor, why the project must be carried out and why is it important.
5. Give the technical parameters, including all your requirements as to equipment, machinery. Land, building etc. This is a significant part of the proposal too because it lets the donors know about your requirements.

6. State the benefits that are expected from the project. This is once again very important in convincing the donor that the project is really going to be beneficial

7. Give Cost estimates. These should include your capital costs and your operations or recurrent costs. Make sure you give details of each cost time. For example, in capital costs do state the costs for each and every item such as the land, building, furniture and fixture, machinery and equipment, stationary etc.

8. In operational costs, give details of all the recurring costs. For example Rental, Salaries. etc.

9. Do not forget to give a time frame required for the completion of the project.

I hope these tips help you in preparing your proposal.

Good luck

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