What Are The Aims And Objectives Of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)?


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KFC has a number of ambitious aims and objectives:

  • To increase its percentage share of the fast-food market.
  • To improve profit margins year-on-year to fund the growth of the company.
  • To return profit on investments to owners and franchisees.
The way that KFC reaches these targets is decided by the company's internal strategy and objectives.

What are the aims of KFC?
If you've ever dined at a KFC restaurant, the immediate objectives of the Kentucky Fried Chicken company should be pretty clear to you.

KFC attempts to provide a tasty, health-conscious, chicken-based product that customers will enjoy and return to buy again.

In this context, providing quality food, a hygienic environment, and a positive and dynamic customer experience is central to KFC's objectives.

In terms of their overall corporate strategy, KFC wants to increase the profitability of its outlets to attract more investors and franchisees. The ultimate goal is to grow its business and withstand pressure from other fast-food competitors, although these are goals set by most commercial entities.

For more information about KFC's mission and aims, I'd suggest checking out the KFC website.
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  • To be more popular than other fast food chains,
  • To expand and be in every country.
  • To have polite employees,
  • To make the customer happy.

It's basically the same for every business.

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