Explain what is meant by a Customer-Driven Organization?


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It's important for all businesses to keep customers happy. For a business or organization to be completely customer driven, the business needs to be very well organized and concerned with what their customers want. From the production of their goods to the delivery, the company needs to take into consideration precisely what their customers as a whole want from them. That is what a customer-driven organization is, and it's this kind of business plan that seems to make the most profit.

Many businesses recognize that it's important to do something that the customers want, but they seem to fail to realize that they will lose that custom if they only carry on providing what customers want and not exceeding their expectations. Not having any innovation in a firm and not listening to customer demands is a sure way of a business folding through lack of interest.

Remember that there will always be other options for consumers out there, so it's important to make sure that your business can keep hold of its customer base. That's of the utmost importance if any businesses going to survive for the next few years. It is within the first few years that most new businesses go under, so if they can go past this and maintain their customer base by being a customer-driven organization, then they can secure a healthy and profitable future.

As well as customer demand, there needs to be a level of corporate and social responsibility as well. It seems that consumers like to see businesses being responsible these days. They like to see if a firm has been able to trade fairly, and they also like to see if the business has been able to be 'green'. Given that this is a common customer demand, customer-driven businesses can also be those which put CSR at the very core of their business model, like the CoOperative and other CSR-focused businesses.

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