Do You Think Organizations Should Have Policies Governing Workplace Romances?what Would Such Policies Stipulate?


1 Answers

I certainly prescribe to the view that there should be policies governing romance in the workplace.

  1. Romance should be put to a complete full stop in the work place and there should be a policy that anyone behaving in a promiscuous manner should be dealt with in the strictest possible way.

  2. Behaviour between colleagues should be restricted to formal, there should not be too much of informal discussions in the office.

  3. Strict rules to maintain office decorum should be observed.

  4. Dressing should also be formal in the office, clothes which show too much of skin should not be allowed.

  5. Romancing in the office leads to personnel not working during office hours but wasting time in extra curricular activities

  6. It spoils the morale of the office

  7. Discipline is hampered

  8. It encourages rivalry between staff

  9. Jealousy and other vices are promoted and team spirit is hampered.

I firmly believe there should be policies governing workplace romance and some of the pointers are given above as to how the policies should be framed.

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