How Can I Check My Balance?


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There are several ways to check the balance of an account you hold, depending on the type of financial account it is.  There are several types of accounts and the administrators of these accounts such as banks, lenders, brokers and other financial institutions provide several options to check your balance.  You can check your account balance by telephone, bank statement, internet and even your mobile phone. 

First, in order to check your balance, you need to know what kind of account you hold.  If you are checking the balance of a bank account or the balance on a loan account, the options you can choose depend on the facilities provided by your bank or lender.  Most financial institutions provide the following services:
- A monthly or quarterly statement of accounts which provides you with your account balance. 
- A customer service helpline which connects you to a representative who can supply the information. 
- A secure website where you may check the balance of your account and transact online. 
- An email to your email addresses informing you of the balance on your account. 
- A text message to your mobile phone showing the balance of your account. 
- An ‘on-demand’ statement at a bank branch or at an automated teller machine. 
Each of these services is set up by your bank or lender in order to make this information available to you at all times.  This is a financial institutions responsibility according to the law.  While not all of these services are mandated, a system of ensuring your awareness of your balance is important.  So whether it’s a savings or checking account, a loan account or a credit card and even if it is a share trading account, you can check your account balance with these facilities.

Secondly, while checking your statement, it’s always a good idea to check with your bank about how the statement needs to be read.  This should help you check your account balance and gain additional information about your account as well.
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I want to check my account balance
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Pencil is right. Just want to add: The balance your bank gives you may not be your true balance. You need to consider any outstanding transactions that may have occurred and not reached the bank yet. So, when talking to the bank, ask for your most recent deposit amount/date and at least your last 5 withdraws that they have record of. This way you can adjust the balance they have with what transactions you have made that have not hit the bank yet!
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Many banks have an online system, and some have phone  #'s that you can call to get your balance, Call your bank and see what kind of features they have, and ask them for your balance, while you have them on the phonel
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You can go to your online bank to check if you have one, or even you can simply go to the cashmachine to have your bank statement printed. Its all free!
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By online

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