What role do the staffing professional and the staffing process have in the retention of employees?


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Retaining employees is essential to the growth and development of any business - especially if that business is to be a major and successful force in the industrial sector that it belongs to. The staffing process and employee structure in a company plays a huge role in the retention of staff members and can dramatically impact upon key business success indicators such as annual turnover and staff morale. Seeing as though staff members are the driving force behind any company, they need to be retained. After all, there would be no such company if it wasn't for the members of staff at every level of the business hierarchy.

All successful recruitment systems must satisfy a number of conditions. They should be fair, effective and efficient in helping to recruit the highest caliber of employee and then retain him or her within the business for as long as the job contract issued at the beginning of their employment states. To keep staff focused, businesses must show a strong commitment towards a well-balanced and equal recruitment system. Failure to show this dedication may result in discontent and negative actions such as striking and boycotting from members of the staff team.

Furthermore, there are some legal requirements which all staffing procedures must meet in order to be deemed acceptable in accordance with US legislation. Gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and political views should not cause an employer to unfairly discriminate against a candidate for a certain position within a company. The candidate chosen to fulfill a particular role should be selected on the basis of merit only, which includes things such as qualifications, work ethic and past experience. Any other external factor to do with a person's private life that doesn't relate to job performance should not impact upon whether or not a job is granted to an individual.

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