Staffing Is A Process Of Matching The Jobs With Individuals." – Elaborate This Statement By Underlining Its Meaning, Nature And Significance?


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Staffing can be defined simply in the terms of finding the right aspirant/candidate and fitting him/her in the right job.Staffing is a function of management which includes recruiting,training, developing and maintaining competent managers and operatives for performing organisational tasks in an effective and efficient manner. It is a continuous process consisting of several activities such as estimating manpower needs, recruitment, selection, training and development, deciding on remuneration for work to be performed, transfer, promotion and performance appraisal.It takes account of matching of skills and knowledge of the employees with the requirements of the job in question, i.e., job specification or job description. Staffing is the next step - after the recruitment and selection processes are duly carried out (necessarily on the basis of individual performances in various tests, interviews, etc.) - towards proposed hiring.  In a broader scope, it therefore includes forecasting of manpower, stargazing, manpower planning et al, and it may or may not include a host of other recruitment activities as well, which is beyond the general context of this article. It's also about managing or placing the existing manpower; reallocating and relocating people (resources) as per the need of the companies: Their assignments and projects, and other professional duties/tasks included.    Nature of Staffing:  Staffing function of management involves the following characteristics.  • It is the function of management.  • It is an integral part of management process.  • It is continuous activity function of management.  • It is concerned with human resources of an organisation.  • It is an persuasive function of management.  • It is separate from physical factors, because it is difficult and tactful function.  • It is concerned with the maximum utilization of human resources such as direction, coordinate and control.    Where roles are new or have changed significantly (for example, the role has a renewed focus and requires different skills, knowledge and attributes) a competitive merit based  selection process must be undertaken. Note: Displaced staff should be considered in the first instance for these roles prior to any advertisement action proceeding as a measure to  mitigate any adverse aspects of the change process.

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