Explain the types of strategic staffing?


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There are four diverse types of strategic staffing commonly used in an organization. These are; academy, baseball team, club, and fortress staffing.

In a company, production is primarily the main consideration as to the success of the company. Strategic staffing is imperative in assuring that said goal is attained. Breaking down these four strategic staffing as to how each differs is enumerated below:

  • Academy type of strategic staffing

In the academy type of strategic staffing, used mostly by electronic companies, manufacturers of drugs and medicines, consumer products, and the automobile industries, uses a staffing that breeds innovators as to stimulate competition with the rest of the businesses and companies of the same field.

  • Baseball team type of strategic staffing

If the academy type of strategic staffing focuses mainly in the competition, this type of staffing is more into the innovation and resourcefulness of the staff. The staff is encouraged to come up with new ideas to further enhance the products being sold. This type of strategic staffing is used mostly by investment agencies, the media, and professional firms which include law firms, business ad agencies, and consulting firms.

  • Club type of strategic staffing

Some companies make use of this type of strategic staffing when the overall cost is of main concern. Efficiency and effectiveness of where costs are distributed is highly considered as to the staffing being done. In this type of strategic staffing, quality is at par with the costs rendered, as well as the customer feedbacks. This type of staffing is mostly used in airlines, banks, and government agencies.

Also, since it cost control is a must, promotion is faster since instead of hiring new applicants, tenure is secured to the employees are already working to cut cost yet still be able to ensure quality assurance among the staff.

  • Fortress type of strategic staffing

As the name implies, this kind of strategic staffing is mainly used by big time companies such as hotels, publishing houses, and textile industries, in which staffing depends mostly on its popularity and how the consumers support said companies.

This type of strategic staffing is highly competitive, in a sense that the bulk of the success of the companies depends mostly on the environment around it.

For a company to be intact, strategic staffing can be key in assuring not only the fulfillment of the company's goal, but as well as assuring the quality given by each company concerned.

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