When Do Groups Make Better Decisions Than Individuals?


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It is believed that groups make better decisions as compare to the individual decisions and the major reason is that more minds can look over the issue from various aspects and perspectives as compare to a single mind. For the lengthy and the strategic decisions, importance of group decisions making cannot be ignored because members of the group have different skills, thinking patterns, beliefs, frame of minds and creativity therefore, they can give better solutions to the issues under discussion.
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In most of the cases groups make better decisions as compare to individuals. The tasks which are strategic in nature, complex, lengthy, requires various perspectives to looked upon and have huge after effects should be discussed in groups and decisions about such tasks should be group decisions. For example, if a company is planning to give a new sale offer to the customers on Christmas then the decision should be made in consideration to the feedback taken from retailers, distributors, warehouse keepers etc. When the nature of the task is complex then members in the group can give a number of recommendations and better decision can be made. Therefore, for complex, strategic, important and long term decisions group decision making process should be encouraged.
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When the decision involves a groups decision or preference as opposed to perhaps an owners preferences which affects the business and otherwise does not have an impact on the employee's.
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Definitely in a business organization.Apart from that, groups decisions
are crucial in a sports team like soccer,cricket etc.In a democracy
also, its the citizens as a whole that elect/decide a minister etc.Group decisions are strategic in an army/military etc.
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"None of us are as dumb as all of us."   and "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." These are sayings I saw once on a web site and thought they were great!  See despair.com.demoti  for this and more.
Other wise the only time a group decision is best is when everyone is on board.
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"..the only time a group decision is best is when everyone is on board".....Hmm. Agreed. We might apply that concept to organized religion, don't ya think?
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I will amend my comment, as in the context I was addressing, we were not discussing 'religion'
anyway, the Bible tells us in the book of Acts, that we are not to please man, but God. If if comes between the two, I'll try and please God. In a matter of faith, I will not be on board with nonbelievers. If the decision is not one that exalts God, then it is not a wise decision. Hope that was clear! :)

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