What Is The Unit Of Analysis For Individuals, Dyads, Groups, Organizations And Cultures?


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The unit of analysis refers to the level of aggregation of the data collected during the subsequent data analysis stage. If for instance the problem statement focuses on how to raise the motivational levels of employees in general, then we are interested in individual employees in the organization and would have to find out what we can do to raise their motivation. Here the unit of analysis is the individual. We will be looking at the data gathered from each individual and treating each individual and treating each employee's response as an individual data source. if the researcher is interested in studying two person interactions then several two person groups also known as dyads will become the unit of analysis.

Analysis of husband-wife interaction in families and supervisor subordinate relationships at the work place are good examples of dyads as the unit of analysis. However if the problem statement is related to group effectiveness then the unit of analysis would be at the group level. In other words even though we may gather relevant data from all individuals comprising, say six groups, we would aggregate the individual data into group data so as to see the differences among the six groups.

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