What is business circular letter? Give its example.


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Business letters are forms of communication wherein a particular organization will be able to convey its instructions and policies to their business partners, employees and clients. The most common ones are circular letters. By far, letters of these types are the most practical and convenient way for businesses to disseminate information to a much larger audience. These circulars are directed to employees and can cover a lot of subjects. Among others, it can include office policies, disciplinary actions, rewards, contests within the organization or and amendment to an existing policy.

Technically, a business circular letter includes the subject, those who are covered by the circular and from whom the issuance came from. In the case of office policies, a reiteration of the said should be reflected in the circular. In case there are penalties for a certain violation, the same has to be included as well. For newly implemented policies, it is a must that the effective date of implementation has to be included. Most of all, the circular has to be signed by the officer from whose department the circular emanated.

There is no hard and fast rule in as far as making a business circular letter is concerned. What is more important is that the information is conveyed in such a manner that everybody is able to understand. It has to be clear and precise. Most of all, it has to embody everything that the issuer wants to extend to everybody.

Business circular letters come in different kinds depending on how it is going to be used. There are many samples found in the internet. They come in free and they can be easily downloaded. You will just have to fill in the details easily. There are also books on samples of business letters.

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