What Exams Do I Need To Take In Investment Banking?


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saurabh s answered
Well, if you are someone looking for an enriching and demanding career in investment banking than you should go for CFA certifications(USA). It will definitely help you in your career, but you also need to have a work experience of minimum 2 years in the financial market.
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Investment banking does not have a specific definition. This field was first developed through trade and then expanded. This expansion progressed and grew into financial services and portfolio management. Many trading companies and banks entered this field later. British traders are considered to be the first merchants who introduced this field.

Many people aspire to enter this area but do not have the right knowledge to make this field their career. Knowledge of accounting and developments of business and economy in modern times is required. Different countries conduct national level examinations to recruit advisors or investment bankers. The stock exchange of the region also organizes for monthly examinations for the aspiring people. In some institutes of south east Europe person who intends to enter the investment banking field is required to give a GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) and even TOEFL or IELTS along with the course and examination for Executive MSc in Accounting & Financial Management.

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