Reflection On Group Working... What Are The Benefits Of Working In A Group?


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There a few benefits to working in a group; the first one is that you are able to spread the volume of work out between all of the group members so that the onus of responsibility is not solely on your shoulders.

It also means that you can be far more imaginative in your approach because you will have so many different people thinking about the same objective. You will be able to pool your ideas together so that the end result will be a conglomeration of all of the best plans. The danger here is that some people tend to be more forceful than others so you really need to be careful that everybody has equal input. One way of avoiding this potential pitfall is to assign different people different tasks so that the whole project is built up by all of the group members taking distinctive roles.

Another benefit is that you will get the experience of seeing how other people work, and how they tackle problems. Some of their tactics may be helpful in the future when you have other projects to work on.  By listening to other people's ideas, you can open your mind to a variety of different approaches, methods and problem solving techniques.

Another advantage to working in a group is that if, for whatever reason, one member is unable to work for a while, perhaps to ill health, then the rest of the group can fill in the gaps and make sure that the work will carry on undisturbed so that any deadline can still be met.

There are also social benefits from working in a group; there is no doubt that some people prefer working alone, but group work fulfills many people's need to interact with each other.
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There are various advantages of working in a group. If you have to do a huge task then it divides the work load and a single person does not get stressed out. When you work in a group, people with different specializations are members of the group. These people bring with them their own ideas and experiences which gives more ideas to perform the task. While making a decision, there are various people who give their suggestions and debate the ideas, the more the idea is discussed the more it will be refined and low margin of error. People also have social needs and they want to interact wit other people and groups are an ideal way to do so. If one person is not able to do the work then the others can take over without disrupting the work flow.
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As working out in a group we learn many where we improve our skills by exchanging our ideas and experiences with the team member's expertise and also team management. In a group one can find lot of colours like different people from different back ground or culture, so learning is more
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You can remain anonymous and choose to join in.  Being a part of a group can also mean that you can contribute your ideas, however, decisions made are collective.

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