How To Find Grants To Pay For APU Unit For Semi Truck?


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Grants, loans and tax credits specifically for APU Units differ from State to State and it is important that you get the correct information relating to your current location. APUs have many different benefits, not only for the company involved but also for pollution and therefore governments. It is for these reasons that so much financial assistance is available for such items.

To work out how much you may be entitled to you can contact your local authority or visit the Cummins website which gives individual state information about the different options available and how much you may be entitled to, given your individual circumstances. The following link will allow you to download a PDF file of information regarding financial support .  

Various federal and non-profit organisations provide funding that can be used for APUs and other technology designed to reduce emissions and improve the green footprint of the country as a whole. Due to the importance the government has placed on reducing truck idling, the amount of money available through grants is up totals millions of dollars. The vast majority of these funding opportunities are available through state governments. State agencies are increasingly aware of the benefits that APUs have provided, both in cost savings for the truckers and lower air and noise pollution levels for the general public. As a result of this more and more states are offering financial support in this area for trucking companies of all sizes.

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