How Can I Find A Bank Branch Address From The Sort Code?


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When looking at your bank account statement or the bottom of a check from your account, you will be able to see a few different numbers. These will include your account number and sort code. The sort code is the number that belongs to the bank where you originally opened your account.

If you need to find the address of your bank branch using the sort code there are a number of different things you could do:

• Your bank will probably have a contact telephone number you can ring to make general inquiries. Ring them up and ask for details of your bank branch by giving them the sort code information.

• Most bank websites will have a section where you will be able to search for branches using details such as city names and sort codes. Put this information into the website and it will bring up all the information you need.

• If for whatever reason you cannot remember the name of the bank with whom you have your account, there are also websites that offer a service where you simply insert your sort code and it will bring up any address and contact details of the branch in question. Do a search for these websites using an internet search engine.
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