What Are The Customer's Duties To The Bank


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A customer has a number of duties to the bank and they include reporting any suspected fraud; not participating in any fraudulent activities; and not behaving in any way that enables others to commit fraud. A customer also has a duty to behave honestly with the bank and not to participate in any forms of malpractice.

The bank’s policies must be adhered to, including paying penalties that have been incurred because of unauthorised overdrafts or other breaches of those policies. Customers have a duty to keep their personal records updated so that any correspondence, including statements can be sent to the right person at the correct address.

Bank customers have a duty to ensure that if they buy any products from the bank such as an insurance policy, or take advantage of a monetary loan, that they comply with the terms and conditions that were presented to them at the time that they began the agreement.

If customers feel that they are being asked to comply with terms that are not reasonable, or that they have been coerced into something that they did not want, as in the reason cases of being mis-sold payment protection plans, they can complain, in the first instance to the bank. If a satisfactory conclusion is not reached, the customer has the right to take his or her complaint to the banking ombudsman who will examine the case and see if there is one to answer.

The ombudsman is completely impartial and will deal with your case objectively, but you must have given the bank the opportunity to look at your complaint first. The ombudsman will not be interested in anything that you have to say until eight weeks have elapsed from you making your complaint to the bank.
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*The customer bears the duty to report fraud, foggery or any malpractice in relation to his account. This should be done expediently and without delay.
* He should also take due care while drafting cheques to avoid the perpetration of fraud.
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Customer has many duties to the bank but some vital duties are as follows:
1) Customer should follow the bank policies.
2) A customer should not damage the bank property or bank check book.
3) A customer must never leak out the bank secrets.
4) He should provide his income statements when demanded by the bank on time.
5) A customer should not deceive the bank in any way.

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