What is the branch address for Barclays Bank sort code 20-14-42?


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There is no such bank, Barclays or otherwise, with the sort code 20-14-42.

The nearest sort codes, numerically speaking, to 20-14-42 are: Sort code 20-14-34 which is the branch of Barclays based at Leicester, De Montfort Street, LE87 2BB, England; or, 3 Kingsland Grange, Woolston, Warrington, WA1 4RW, England. 

What is a Sort Code?

A sort code is used by British banks to direct route money
transfers between themselves via their own clearance organisations.The sort code is usually three pairs
of numbers, e.g., 54-21-06. This identifies both the bank and branch.  You can often tell which bank the code relates
to by the first two digits; in this case of ’20,’ this indicates a branch of Barclays.
Six-digit sort codes were brought in during the 1960s as banking
increasingly relied on computerisation, making banks easier to identify
themselves and each other. 

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