Can You Get Home Equity Loan Without Spouse Signing?


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Generally, this is not possible. Given the size of a loan like this, and the collateral being property that belongs to both you and your spouse (presumably), it would be unfair to do something like this anyway. A home equity loan is such a huge responsibility that before you go about signing the document, it only makes sense to ensure that you talk with your spouse about making such a huge financial commitment.

To go about getting the home equity loan you require, you need to make sure that you have a sufficient equity within your property, to draw upon. The next step would be to get in touch with your financial institution. You should already have established a relationship with this particular organization, and it will more than likely want to ensure that you remain a customer in the future.

You then need to get in touch with other banks, or even savings institutions of other degrees, that specialize in the area of home equity loans to see what they can do for you.

Another thing to do is ask a local real estate or mortgage broker, to see if they can recommend any lenders to you. Given that they are experts in this field, they should have some information that will prove useful to you. You must be careful, however, as many of these professionals may have a deal with a particular lender, and getting directed to a lender that doesn’t provide the best deal is not useful at all.

You could, failing all this, search for a lender on the Internet. Once you’ve found the lender you require, you need to decide if you want an adjustable or fixed interest rate on this loan. Depending on your own credit, the lender that you choose to go with and the loan-to-value ratio, you may find that you do not have a choice.
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I would think that if your spouses name is on the mortgage loan, then yes you would need their approval.  Not really sure about actually needing the signature.  One thing I would be cautious of missed payment and you may lose your home.  Click on this link for more indepth info.  Good Luck!!

Zaddy, a home equity line is different from a mortgage.  A home equity loan is a loan given based on the equity in a home you are already paying for, not a home you hope to or are trying purchase.
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I don't know what part of the world you live in, but here in Florida, USA, if you have a spouse and want to get an equity line of credit using your house as collateral, then your spouse must sign even if they are not on the loan.
  Florida is a community property state . Meaning that whats' yours is also the spouse's.
You could call any financial institution in your area to inquire about this.
I agree with Janes. If you can get a loan some other way than putting up your home, it would be wise. Our economy is not very good right now and if you had to file bankruptcy in the future of the loan, then you could not include the home equity loan without losing your house.
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Unfortunately you cannot get a home equity loan without your spouse's signature in most American states and most definitely not in states that follow the community property rule. Basically your spouse has a share in the house's equity and if you are going to put that equity on line, then you will require your spouse's signature.
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If my husband took out a home equity loan in his name against our house which is in both of our names am I allowed to write checks from that loan?
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Question. What if the home was purchased under her's. Then she got married. House is still under her name only. Does she still need his signature to get a home equity loan in a community property state? By the way, who know whether they are married?
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Yes you can, infact its now history that spouses were needed to get loans.
Government of many states have even made legislations on this particularly for women. What you need, is your current bank statement, identity number, advice slip and any document that reveals where you stay

Just go ahead and make a loan, but be careful not to ask for more that you need

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