How To Start My Organisation? Tell Me The Vision, Mission, Goal And Objectives Of A Organisation?


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I live in South Africa and have noticed that many of our people can not afford basic medication. I want to start an organisation that will help these people. I also have a question. I am only 16 years old, could I start an organisation and if so, how do I go about starting it?
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Basically I totally agree with you that for starting an organization you should first have a clear idea about the mentioned concepts of your organization. Vision of an organization is the long term goal of the company. It is not necessary that the vision of the company must be similar to the mission of the company but in some cases it happens.

Generally, vision of the company is the broad goal of the company as compare to mission statement. For example, the vision can be "to satisfy customers", which is I think the most difficult goal in the long run. Mission statement, on the other hand tells about the purpose of the company. Mission statement is more specific than vision statement. I hope you are clear about their difference now.

Goal of the company is evident from the mission and vision statements of the company and obviously the ultimate goal of a profit-for company is to earn profits. Objective of the organization is the abilities, achievements and the outcomes, which it wants to attain. Now, on the basis of these limits and boundaries you can start the organization.

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