How To Establish A Charity Organisation?


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A Charity Is a non profitable organisation which is required to be registered by government so that all its activities are reported. Your interest is to provide social service to the poor and children, therefore you will need to research and write a proposal.Co-oporation with other charities is important to avoid depulication of existing services.In some cases individual work may not have a big impact to the people,so team work is Vital to make the best for the charity.
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First you need to establish if your organisation can be a charity. Legally, it would have to be set up wholly and exclusively to carry out charitable purposes. It also needs to exist for the public benefit.

There are lots of different charitable purposes, including the relief of poverty, needs related to youth, age, ill-health and disability, as well as the advancement of education, religion, health, citizenship, the arts, amateur sport, and environmental protection. The simplest approach is to ensure that the activities planned fit into one of these categories, which are already recognised by the law as charitable. If your proposed activities seem to be borderline, you may need legal advice. A good place to start is the Charity Commission's commentary on the charitable purposes set out in the Charities Act 2006, and its guidance on public benefit.

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Your desire to come to help is appreciable but I would suggest you to actually volunteer at a charity organization first. This is important for you to have a closer look at their working mechanism. This way you can put your knowledge and your resources to use in the most effective manner. However, for your info to start one you need to follow a similar sequence of actions as given on this website

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