Why Do You Want To Join The Insurance Sector?


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This is a question likely to be asked in an interview for a job in the insurance sector. There is a two-fold approach you can take when answering this question:

Firstly, you should do as much research as you possibly can about what working in the insurance industry involves.

The below video gives an idea of what it takes to work in the insurance industry from an insurance professional.

Secondly, it's helpful to really give some thought about what it is that appeals to you personally about working in the insurance industry. 

Here are some benefits of working in the insurance sector, to get your mind ticking!

  • Insurance often involves helping people get back on track financially when they have experienced an unpleasant event which causes upheaval in their life.
  • Insurance often offers great career opportunities. It is a long established industry within the financial sector and there are a variety of different types of jobs available.
  • Insurance can be a challenging sector which requires you to learn and use many types of new skills. If you apply yourself, you can be continually learning each day and advancing in your knowledge of the finance industry.

What is the purpose of insurance?

People pay into insurance plans to protect themselves and their families, insurance helps people to buy or repair their cars, or houses in the event they are damaged by events such as natural disasters, accidents or crime.

Also, insurance such as medical insurance is very important as we can't predict if we or someone we care about is going to get sick. Insurance ensures that we aren't left with huge bills that we are unable to pay.

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Khushi Sharma answered

An insurance sector is an ideal place for anyone to start their career; this industry offers huge scope and opportunities to grow. In the banking sector, this is considered as the most demanding career option, which attracts many candidates to get into this field. Everyone take the help of insurance agencies to get car insurance, phone, home, life, health, travel insurance etc.

Career in insurance sector provides a number of benefits like job-security, stability, fast growth, great working environment etc. Which attract many candidates towards this field.  One can easily get Insurance jobs in both government and the private sector.

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