If HR Asks Me: 1. Why Do You Want To Join Our Company? 2. What Are Your Acheivements In Life?


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First of all..say whatever but do not fake things you have not achieved. Chances are you would get caught. Do your own research of the prospective company on internet. See what are the objectives of the organizations and how do they match up with your skills and capabilities.Tell HR how your education, work experience and future goals set for yourself are in sync with the objectives of the organization. Explain to them how it will help you to work in proficient manner hence helping you to become an asset to the company. Also mention the privilege you will feel to be associated with such a big brand name. And also that these all factors would lead you towards job satisfaction.
2) Achievements can be academic, work related and sometimes even your extra curricular activities. Think of all those situations you faced in previous organization, difficult to handle and the way you emerged as a winner with a solution in a timely manner. It can be helping your team lead or manager in making some reports or mentoring a team member at work. Handling a customer or a client especially an irate one...think all those things..Good luck!
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Help with 1) My goal is to work in a company where I exposed to different aspects of work, perform the best of my ability and aid the growth of my company. I think that your company is the right place for me.
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1. My goal is to achieve the highest level of proficiency where I can fully utilize my education and experiance. So I found that your company is right place.

2.My greatest achievement of life is that I have been honest always and ensure that I will be the same for yours.
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I want to join you r company because I thought from your company I Can learn bettre according to my goal.what I want to acheive
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I m join your company because its brooming industry now a days company gives good compensating salary I can improve my communication skills, I like intract to people many engineers and students working in a call centre so I m decided I m working with call centre I want to make my bright carrer with yours company thats why I m choose yours company

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