How To Know SBI Account Holder's Name?


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According to checking an account holder's name should using the account number will only have one answer:

Why won't they let you check an account holder's name if you have their account number?
Security and privacy is the main concern here. Imagine a cashier or someone else who handled a casual transaction using your card or account number was able to retrieve data about you by simply recording that number?
You wouldn't want that!
Unfortunately, this causes inconvenience when writing out a check or making a bank transfer, how can you verify that you have the correct name?

Luckily, there are two things that will help:
1. The bank will usually approve a cheque or transfer if the name is visibly only slightly off the account holder's name, provided the other details match up.
2. You could always call the person in question and simply ask them to confirm their name.
This second point hinges on having their number, yes. But if you don't even have the phone number of someone that you're doing financial dealings with, then this would be regarded as highly suspicious!

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