Where Would I Check To See If My Unemployment Has Been Approved?


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Firstly I would suggest contacting the office you applied at for it. If you have received anything that could suggest you may have been approved, chances are you will have. This includes letters or statements describing how much you will be entitled to monthly. It does on average take up to three weeks after filing your claim before you will hear back or receive your first check.

Reasons that you may not have been approved may include being dismissed from your previous job. You can however appeal on the government or state's website or by means of telephoning them, though this must be done within a specific time limit. In the US, benefits are taxed, though in certain circumstances they can be appealed against. You should check your circumstances and eligibility when you receive your first check.

You should also be sure to check you circumstances against these reasons that you may not be eligible for unemployment before contacting the office.
  • Negative reasons against you resulting in dismissal in previous job
  • The dates of all employment are correct
  • All personal details are correct on your form
  • You have a decent income aside from employment.
You are applicable for benefits in the US if you:
  • Have a medical condition that affects your ability to work
  • You do not have enough pay to support your household
  • The working environment is not safe
These will all be checked out by the state in your previous job before you will receive any state based income.
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I recieved a letter stating that I am eligible for employment benefits.  When should I expect my first payment and what will the amount be?
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I need to know if I have been approved for unemployment
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I filed an appeal ive been laid off since nov.7 I want to no if the judge approved my unemployment
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I recently applied for a partial unemployment claim. When will I find out if it is approved?
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I filed and it took a MONTH before I received a letter in the mail stating that  "benefits are payable". BUT, I have yet to see the $ go into my account (direct deposit) and my employer has 20 calendar days to APPEAL this decision (it says).
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   They should have told you that at the unenjoyment office!

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