What Is The Internal Or External Environmental Factor And How Manager With Them?


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The Internal Environmental Factors :
1. Organisation: If the organisation (the staff organisation of firm) is strong of firm/business/company it can raise the business standard from weakness to strongness. Because if the staff is well educated, experienced and technically skilled they can analyse the overall performance of business activities and can improve better.
2. Technology : The technology adopted by business is also considered as the internal environmental factor and is a controllable by Management system the latest and money & time saver technology should be adopted. The strong technology system & Organisation can surely are two main points which  major things that can make or mar a business in competition.
3. Skilled & Stable labour : It is  a point that if you have a skilled and stable (staying for long time) labour then there is no restriction to earn more and more profit for your organisation. It is not easy that skilled labor can be stay in touch with you for long time.

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