Internal And External Factors Considered When Drawing Human Resource Plan?


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There are many different factors which need to be considered when human resource plans are laid out. Most companies have a human resource plan to some extent but they often differ in the opinion as to whether they should be long term plans or not.

Making a long term plan can be costly and time consuming, but those who opt for this method will say that it saves time and money in the long run as it only needs to be done every few years. However, this would need to be continually reviewed and since business is so dynamic and constantly changing, it is very unlikely that this plan can be put to one side and not altered.

This ever changing nature means that some companies will opt for a much shorter term plan which lays out what is expected to happen but will be expected to be altered frequently.

Here are some examples of what factors should be considered when producing a human resource plan:

•    How the company is predicted to change; for example, does it have a clear growth pattern? Is there going to be a predicted increase in sales for some reason?  Do certain times of year prove busier than others? Etc.

•    What economic resources will be available to take on staff; this will need to be allocated carefully based on when extra staff will be needed etc.

•    Is staff training an option or will staff be recruited on the basis they can already do the job?

•    What is the economic state of the country? Are there any signs of a change either further growth or recession?

•    Are their many people currently studying courses relevant to the company at present?

This will give an idea of whether recruitment will be easy or difficult over the coming years. If uptake on courses is low then competition may be fierce and wages may increase. This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are hundreds of factors which can affect a business which will therefore effect the human resource planning.

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