If I Owe 3000 Dollars And Don't Pay It, What Is The Worst They Can Do To Me?


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Take you to court.  garnish your wages or any income coming in.  put it on your credit.  I don't think they can put you in jail.  they can also take any collateral you put up.  put tax liens on anything you own or that is in your name and worth anything.  good luck.  sometimes they don't do much but bother and bother you by mail, phone, coming to your door, and bothering any of your references.  if they take you to court they usually put a judgement against you, I doubt they can do anything else, like jail.  they will take your tax rebates and refunds too, they may do that to get their money.  good luck.
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If that is not a list of things that can & will be done, but not only, you as a consumer/borrower/wage-earner will be (almost) forever 'labelled' as a poor candidate for ANY loans or money advances for life, or at least a significant portion of your life. With the newer American mortgage laws most certainly you may have a serious problem buying a home.
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Firstly they will harass you by sending letter, mails and calling you. There after they will sue you and if the court gives the judgment against you they can garnish your wages. And if its a mortgage loan they can repo the property. So it is advisable for you to pay off the debts. 

If you are not able to manage your debts there are  debt consolidation  companies who help you to pay off your debts by providing you a debt management plan.
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They can give you lien. This is a manner to lawfully ensure that a person, business, or loaner will be paid off for a debt. Lien is done by putting a limitation on the debtor's property, which restrains them from reassigning its title or employing it as collateral to incur additional financing.

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