What's The Significance Of Research In Marketing?


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Research is very important in the marketing. In marketing the companies use to market their products in order to sell them and to make familiar with the consumers with the products. However there is strong need for research in the marketing. Many companies use the research in marketing to discover the changing trends in the market, to measure the changing consumer behavior of the specific location. So research has become the need for the business due to the tough competition in the market. So many companies are doing different research for their product development, for increasing their sales volume.

So there are different types of research which is carried by the marketing companies. The most common example is that the companies are doing research for finding out that how many visitors pay attention to the bill boards during the travel. So in this way the companies measure the number of the times the visitor pay attention during the travelling and how they get influence from that advertisement on the bill boards. Similarly many companies are doing their research on the consumer eating habits to check that how the consumer likes to eat in a specific environment. So the research is very important in the marketing.
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I think research is significant in marketing simply to aid decision making. Before anything happens, the marketer needs to do environmental scanning. To do that, research is conducted. Then the marketer needs to do market segmentation, again research is required. Selecting the target market is a decision that is made based on the results of the research. The product is here, the marketer needs to know if the target market likes it or not= research, deciding on whether to cease production of that product or not= results of the research... I think I've made my point already.!
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Research has very important role in marketing. Because if you do not research about a particular thing then how you get the idea about the popularity of that, how you know about the interest of people. As you must have idea about what people like and dislike about a particular thing.

I can explain you the importance of research for marketing with a simple example. Suppose I have a website about laptop and its accessories. It is a new website so people don't know about it and I want to make it popular among all the people of whole world. I am putting ads about my website on different websites including, blogs, article related sites, search engines etc.

I am satisfied that I have posted ads of my website and now my website can be popular among users as if people see ads about my website then it is possible that few of them come to my website through those ads. But I have selected websites for placing ads blindly as I did not research about websites. It is very much possible that those websites where I have submitted ads are not much popular among the users and daily very few people come to these websites. It means that I have wasted my money and time. So it means that I must first research about the popular websites and people's interest about the particular laptops.
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  • Identify the consumer response to the company’s product.
  • Know the consumers’ needs and expectations.
  • Seek maximum information about the consumer, i.e. The know consumers’ income range, their location, buying behavior, etc.
  • Know the nature and extent of competition and also the strength and weaknesses of the competitors.
  • Check the reaction of the dealers to the company policies.
  • Evaluate the reputation of the company in the market.
  • Identify and solve the marketing problems of the company.
  • Search for new marketing opportunities.
  • Find out alternative uses of the existing products.
  • Estimate the cost of marketing of goods and service.

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