How Do I Get Proof Of Unemployment From My Last Job?


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If you need for some reason to get verification that you received unemployment from a previous employer, there are several ways that you can prove that you received these benefits. The most obvious would be a receipt that comes with your unemployment check every two weeks, and your last paycheck with the date on it that you were gainfully employed. You can also produce bank statements either on paper or many banks today allow customers to have online accounts so the information can be produced anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection. 

Employment insurance is available in all 50 states for people who became unemployed through no fault of their own. Most employees with more than one employee pay into this fund every time they pay their employees, and it helps to give people a safety net in case of layoffs or if the business goes bankrupt. Unemployment benefits in general last about six months, although during difficult economic times the period has been lengthened to as much as twelve months. 

People drawing unemployment benefits should be aware that they are liable for paying income taxes on the money, and many people have resolved this situation by asking that taxes be deducted as the benefits are received. Many people have gotten themselves into jams at tax time by not preparing and suddenly finding themselves owing taxes come April 15th.

Getting proof of your unemployment benefits from your last job can be done in a number of different ways, the choice is up to you. It can help you to confirm to a potential employer that you left your previous job in good standing and are qualified to take on new tasks at a new job. Unemployment benefits are also ideal for helping you to pay your bills while you look for a new job and new opportunities.
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You need to call your last employer and ask them to give you a letter confirming that you no longer work for them. It's easy for them - most companies have a standard letter, so they would just need to put your name in and email or post it to you (or the benefits office, depending on what was asked.)
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I have tried over and over again to just get verification of my unemployment. I have to go thru so much and still can't get the proof, unless i call and wait 20-30 minutes on the phone for an agent. Please, make it simple on the computer on-line for someone who need this proof after being unemployed for 20 years. I need this statement quarterly and i don't want to go thru all of this every three months.
Please Help!!!

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