What Is The Purpose Of Organizing A Business?


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Customers are the mainstay of any business; without them there is no business so the primary purpose of any business organization is to make certain that the customers are happy and catered for.

  • Initial stages of a business
Although customers are the life blood of any business, the purpose of a new business organization is one of survival. This means that all those who are involved with the organization need to be working together to achieve this end. The organization needs to make sure that they all have the same vision and values for the business.

The purpose of this is to make sure that the business stays true to its original ideas and so does not become distracted. An excellent way of ensuring this objective is achieved is by having a mission statement for the business.

The purpose of a business organization at this stage is to make sure that all members are working as a team, otherwise a lot of energy will be wasted that would be better spent in pushing the business forward.

  • The purpose of an established business organization
From the outset, a business needs to be focused on the customer, but now that initial curiosity about the company has declined it is even more important to make sure that customer needs are put first.

The purpose of a business organization at this stage is making sure that they respond quickly to customer demands. Reliability is also a big issue when it comes to customers; an unreliable business will soon get a bad reputation for it and will cease to trade.

Products should be designed well so that they are durable and the business reaps the rewards of having a good reputation for quality.
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Organizing is very important in every aspect of life specially business.It is the process of arranging elements following a set of rules.A business should always be in an organized and standardized state.Organizing in business helps removing the clutter and un important things and lets you focus on only the important matters.
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-cluster n divide job into depts and units
-establish formal lines of authority
- coordinate diverse organizational tasks
- establish rships btwn individuals, groups & depts

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