Can U Explain What Is A Pay-in-slip,withdrawal Slip, Debit Form And Credit Form?


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A pay in slip is what you fill in when you are putting money into your account. On it you will need to state the amount you are paying in and wether its in cash or cheque form. A withdrawal slip works exactly the same but instead of putting money in you are taking it out. A debit form is what you need to fill in to allow the bank to make regular payments on your behalf from your account. This might be to pay rent or other bills. A credit form is wwhat you need to fill in in order to apply for a credit card or a loan.
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A pay-in-slip, is a form you fill when you want to deposit an amount of monry into a bank account. You are required to fill in words and figures the amount of money you want to deposit, the account number and account name, you want to deposit the money.

A withdrawal slip is a form you fill when you want to withdraw an amount of money from your bank account. Some banks call it counter cheques. Some banks also charge their customers for using this service 

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