How Can I Find Out My Parent's Social Security Numbers ? (currently Living In A Different State). Would Like To Obtain This Information Without Checking With Them.


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It is illegal to obtain this information with out thier consent and the only reason I could think of you wanted thier social security numbers is for getting credit in thier names which is illegal also.
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No. I do not want to open up a line of credit in their names. One uses their social security number for a vast array of things such as when a the doctor or dentist, tax filings, medical insurance (correct me if I am wrong, but, I believe the ssn number is on the medical insurance card). Someone also mentioned that it may be on medicare/medicaid card. It is also I believe on mail I received from student loan. You need it to apply for a job, car insurance, an apartment, utility, cable, cell phone, etc. I have heard that if you are unfortunate enough to ever have been arrested, they ask for it as identification.

In my condo building they have my ssn, listed on several pages of a multi page application & acceptance document, which I had to fill out. One of my parents also had a high ranking county official job for many years. So, of the plethora of places where a ssn is passed, there has to be a place where I can find it out.

There are tons of detective and people search websites which can do extensive traces on people if you just have their ss #, not sure how legit or ethical that is. So there has to be a reverse way to do it.

Wonder if the cell phone or insurance carriers (she insured my car I have stored at her house in the past) employees have total access to it ? From the sources I listed above, does anybody have any ideas of which I might be more easily able to attain them ?

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