How Do You Find Out Who A Social Security Number Belongs To?


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I don't think that there is going to be any agency out there that is going to give you anyones soc. Sec # . They may think that you are trying or attempting to stael someone's identity. Now if you have the number then that may be a diferent scenario. You may want to go to the soc. Sec. Office nearest to you.
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Social security number is the unique nine digit number which is assign to every individual. A social security number is a delicate piece of information. Personal, criminal, as well as professional records can be obtained by a social security number of a person. There are credit check companies which keep record of a person by his social security number.

To find who a social security number belongs to, you can check with any government office where they deal with records and social security. You may find some institution that can help you find the person to whom the number belongs. You can even check with credit checking companies like Transunion, Equifax and Experian; these companies are leading credit checking companies. It is possible that they might provide you the information of the person. Social security can reveal all the information of a person so it is obvious that they may conduct an inquiry before they give out the information.

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