What Is The Meaning Of Human Resources?


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Human means Human Being and Resource means something which is useful. Humans are considered as resource because without them no work can be done....that's why they are termed as resource
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Ideas about human resources management.
Ideas about human resources management (Human resource management: HRM) has received attention from both academics and practical use to the fact that 1980 marks a decade since scholars at that time somewhat distrustful of the concept and application. Ethical management of human resources. Who led the group to agree to practical philosophy and the management of the army of people difficult to And success vary. As a result, both the positive and a negative The Example
 They are confident that This is a concept or guidance and with appropriate management personnel.
 consistent with the phenomenon occurs in the competition is a need to increase their competitiveness. To add value. And management efficiency.
 specific new idea is just to write up gorgeous The writers or those who act as consultants.
Whether they will accept the concept of human resource management or not. But the act is often called self. Director of human resources managers or consultants, etc. Are called, whether this is acceptable or not. But it is organized into categories in terms of management instead of the word "human resource management (personnel manage - ment)".
Concept of strategic human resource management (stra - tegic human resource management: SHRM) is the philosophical foundation of human resources management. Oriented nature of strategic human resource management. And needs to be integrated strategy for human resources. And as a business strategy. In this chapter will not only mention that Human resource management? (Or should?), But also said the issues are related with issues such as ethics. Issues in appropriate and practical to use actual topic is presented.
 Definition of human resource management.
 stories of human resource management: The concrete and abstract or quantitative and spatial quality.
 purpose of the concept of human resource management.
 Development of human resources management concept.
 feature of human resource management.
 should note about the human resource management.
 Human Resources Management. And personnel management.
 reactions to human resource management.
 The principal activities of human resource management.
 The key principles of human resource management.
 Conclusion
Definitions of human resource management.
HR management is the strategy. And processes used in integrated resource management with maximum value of the individual organization that is working alone and working with others. Organizations to successfully meet their objectives Storey (1989) explained the different concrete management of human resources. Or quantitative (hard HRM) and human resource management and quality-oriented or abstract (soft HRM) in the following
Stories of human resource management.
Human Resources Management in concrete. Or quantitative.
Human Resources Management processes in concrete. Emphasis in human resource management, quantitative calculations can be. And other economists think the basic philosophy of management and human resources. Focus on management will allow people in organizations has increased value. Ability and high potential for competition with other organizations. Personnel in the organization is "human capital" can do "profit" organizations. If organizations have invested in the development of accurate and appropriate Fombrun and Board (1984) described that personnel resources is a factor. Executives will be eligible to use the organization to optimize the Guest (1999) provides that criticism: "The momentum that is bringing the concept of human resource management this is the case of corporate the business needs. Because the competition was forced to increase business even more. Management operations is that the philosophy will help increase competitive. This practice must start from human capital investments. And new technologies simultaneously. "
Guest explain more. People Management, which reflects the concept of capitalism take them that long. Workers are just objects or factors of production management, human resources, so only the concrete is to focus on the following
 benefit management.
 accepted idea that strategic integration with business strategy.
 make people have more value. With human resources development process. And management performance.
 needs a strong corporate culture that reflects the values and mission statements with the process of communication training. And management performance.
Human Resources Management in abstract Or quality-oriented.
Human Resources Management in the abstract. Originate from the recognition of human relations. This emphasis on communication and leadership motivation Storey (1989) has ever said that. "This concept views employees as assets that are of great value in organizations" make the organization competitive advantage from bending dedicated. Adjust yourself and Quality (Skills practice), so the meaning of Guest (1999) employees will be viewed as a medium is not just a piece of material and human resources management abstract. Is focused and makes employees feel bound to accept the dedicated. "Heart and soul" that can be accomplished if there is a process that employees trust and accept commitments dedicated to corporate The key is An enterprise culture "to be united in mutual co-Mental" because it is believed to benefit both management and employees need to be close. It's the same or Gennard and Judge (1997) said that organizations need to be coordinated and integrated as one. All employees work together as a team member of the organization to help bring the goals and success.
Truss (1999) to see that Although all the reasons mentioned above is the abstract concept. But in the world of reality to think a concrete Not that? Benefits to the organization first and northernmost of the other and Gratton (1999), research organizations found that in 8 of these organizations are using both concrete and abstract concepts. Shows that we can not separate this from the 2 was decisively
The goal of human resource management.
Overall objective of human resource management. It occurs to ensure Personnel in an organization that will only lead to corporate success Ulrich and Lake (1990) has noted that "Human Resources Management System in an organization will create a source of collective expertise and capabilities that organizations can learn different things and use them to make the most of new opportunities that will arise."

The goal of human resource management. Have the following
 selectivity can help organizations maintain and retain skilled personnel. Highly motivated. Feel bound to accept and dedicated to the organization.
 enhance and develop capabilities that are embedded in the people. The personnel will be able to "provide" for organization and employment potential. Providing opportunities for learning. And developing all the time.
 development system that enables high performance with the process. "Recruitment and selection system of remuneration paid by performance. Management and development activities and training in line with business needs "(Becker and Board, 1997).
 managed the development of a binding And bonding together. The take is that employees who have a stake in the organization. And to create an atmosphere that makes everyone feel inspired to participate. And trust each other.
 create an atmosphere that helps build relationships. And feel the harmony. Both management and employees that are recognized as partners of each other.
 Development of the work environment that is flexible and work as a team.
 help create a balanced organization. And meet the needs of those who benefit from the organization (owners, employees, customers, management, government sales materials. And the public)
 help ensure that People feel themselves in the organization value and reward the work they do. And what they have accomplished.
 able to manage people with a diversity taking into account differences between individuals and groups. Needs in employment. Behavior. And passion.
 help ensure that everyone has equal opportunities.
 management employees by the ethical principles as a framework of human justice and transparency.
 develop and retain employees and maintain the body's heart is.
The goal seems to be only a distant dream in reality. The results of research and of Gratton (1999) found that the gap between dream and is in fact very Although management will start with the good intention to do to meet these goals. But ultimately found that bringing "theory to practice" what is difficult. The problem might be due to the context and methods: The other urgent business. Counting short-term results. Lack of support from line management. Lack of infrastructure, lack of appropriate resources to process the flow of anti-change. And employees do not trust management and more.
Development of human resources management concept.
Truss (1999) said that if the study of philosophy in human resource management abstract. Can go back and study the work of McGregor (1960) where he used the word "abstract" (soft) "and" concrete (hard) "as Truss (1999) used to describe patterns of management control Walton. (1985) mentioned that McGregor's Theory X is an effort to explain the form of management in the form of "control (control)" Theory Y, while emphasizing "integration (integrating)" the needs of the organization. With the needs of the individual plant. This is bound to feel and bonding together to create an organization in the form of share that
Concept of human resource management a full range of the decade occurred in 1980 among the authors with the name written on a number of management such as Pascale and Athos (1981) and Peters and Water - man (1982), these authors have described and classification properties of various organizations successful. Writing group of writers to name names. "Experts excellence" has influenced the thinking of management. Particularly on the organization's culture and create a binding obligation together (2, a characteristic of human resource management), but the Quest (1993) to see this group of writers and ideas are presented and error.
Human resources management concept development phase is a 3:
1) American writer who started the last decade developing the framework concept in 1980.
2) British writer interested in starting such an idea. When the end of the decade in 1980 and early 1990 decade, they are not sure that Words from a good view will be much to do and notes on ethics.
3) take the absorption into the human resource management personnel management is ever done before.
The initial concept of human resource management is a 2-Boxall (1992) has called "form-line" and "structural Harvard."
Human resource management model line-coordination
Group of academics Michigan School (Fombrun and Board, 1984) has mentioned the concept of human resource management are the first. They believe that Human resources management system for various organization and structure must have the same direction with a line-level corporate strategy. (Is the source of the name. "Line-format (the matching model)") that they describe. Cycle of human resources (Figure 1.1) in every organization will look like. The cycle consists of 4 or 4 pages is a process.
1) The selection-placement of existing human resources to work properly.
2) Assessment - (performance management).
3) Reward - "Although the award is in administration tools that help drive the organization's operations as possible with good But not often use full potential. And sometimes use the wrong "is required to reward the success that occurred in short-term Like the long-term success. Everyone must always remember that. "The business is currently operating for success in the future."
4) development - employee development to higher quality.
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A resource is something you can make use of. For a country, it may be the land for farming, forests, oil and coal deposits, rivers and lakes ... Etc. Humans, due to their intelligence and ability to work, is a valuable resource that can be used to produce.
In a company, the employees are looked at as a resource, even more important than the other resources such as the building or the machinery or the money in the bank. There may be an administrator or a whole department to manage the welfare of the human elements: Hiring and promotions, fringe benefits, etc. They are called Human Resources Administrator/Manager/Department etc.
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HRM is the utilization of a firm's human resources to achieve organizational objectives. The major funtions of HRM are Staffing, Human Resource Development, Compensation and benefits, Safety and Health and Employee and labor relations. It deals with different issues regarding internal and external environments like to manage the Labor Force, legal considerations, Society responsibilites, to deal with labor unions, shareholders, competitors, customer, technology and The economy of the country.
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The human resources term is mostly used in businesses and corporations. The term is used for the individuals who work in a firm. Human resource department of any firm deals with hiring, firing, training of employees and other employee issues.

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