What Is The Career Objective For An MBA Fresher Of Marketing And Human Resource Streams?


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Someone who is a "fresh" graduate from an MBA program in the marketing and human resources streams may have the objective of managing the Human Resources Department at a medium or large-sized corporation. Since marketing is highlighted in the fresher's education (as well as human resources) they may also want to head a Marketing Department or contribute to promotional activities for companies. An MBA will generally have a plethora of advanced business skills, and this type of graduate won't usually settle for a low-level position. MBA's are in demand, and they generally take jobs in middle or upper management, rather than working in lower levels.

  • Objective tips

To create the right objective for gaining employment, read a job description carefully and decide if it fits the skill set for an MBA fresher of marketing and human resources. Then, script your objective based on what you think an employer would like to see. For example, if an employer wants a dedicated, organized manager with excellent interpersonal skills and business acumen, explain that you want to share your great people skills and extensive business education by running a department and organizing staff. In other words, always tailor your objective to the job at hand; never use the same statement over and over again, unless it happens to blend perfectly with every job you apply for.

  • Job hunting tips

People with MBA degrees already have the credentials to get their foot in the door while job hunting; however, there is always more at play in meetings and interviews than credentials alone. To improve your chances of getting hired, pay careful attention to your grooming, watch your manners, and be certain you've created a CV/resume and covering letter than puts your best foot forward.

Tailoring your objective to your skills, education and experience is crucial, and this objective should also match a posted job's description.

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