What Is The Importance Of People In The Organization?


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People are of paramount importance in the organization.  People comprise the human element of the organization.  People provide the hands that do the work of the organization.  And people lead and manage the organization.  The integrity of any organization, its effectiveness in achieving its purpose and even its continued existence, all depend entirely on the people that comprise it.

A good example of the organization’s dependence on people is that of a commercial or industrial company - probably the commonest form of organization today.  Everything about the company is organized taking account of the importance of people.

First there is the office or factory when the main work of the company is carried out.  This is designed, decorated, and equipped to provide a congenial working environment for the workforce.  Then there are the management offices, where the most senior members of the organization are tasked primarily with the management of the people employed by the company. 

The key departments within the company reflect the importance of people - Human Resources, Accounts and Payroll, Production, Customer Relations and so on.

Outside of the commercial and industrial sphere, a good example of a key organization is that of a medical facility - typically a hospital.  Here, hundreds or even thousands of trained people co-operate with each under strictly controlled guidelines as to medical procedures, in order to care for people who are injured or suffering from disease.

All of the facilities of the hospital are designed to assist both the people responsible for running the medical facility and equally the people who are its patients and need medical help. The x-ray department, the A & E department, the surgical wards, the dispensary, all are concerned first and foremost with activities carried out by people, for people.

The importance of people to the organization is so great that one could legitimately ask: If you remove the people from the organization, what is left?
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Because without human resource other factors such as money, machines, materials, methods and markets cannot be acquired and utilized. It is through people that these factors be developed and be utilized as human factor is responsible for the success and failure in any organization because people is the significant input and output in an organization. Even if an organization starts with zero funding but with creative, resourceful, hardworking and honest people, it becomes financially viable and I believed that there is no better or successful organization without the existence of people.
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Well, people are the most valuable for every company. Even though everything is getting digital and most jobs are being replaced with robots, it's still a necessity to know how to organize the best working process and have many customers, and with a good lead tracking software like Phonexa, it's not a problem at all. With software like that, it's easy to manage all your efforts in one place.

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