How Do You Figure Out The PIN Code To A Debit Card?


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There's no trick to figuring out a PIN number - you either know it or you don't. If you've forgotten your PIN number, you can get it re-set by contacting your bank.

However, you will have to answer a number of security questions before your bank sends out a new PIN number.

Working out a bank card's PIN number
The whole point of a PIN number is that it can't be guessed (or at least not easily). It's a random number chosen from a possible 10,000 combinations.

Even if you had the time to sit there and try all 10,000 possibilities, most banks will freeze an account after someone has unsuccessfully tried to access it 3 times in a row.

A failed attempt to access a bank account will be flagged up by the system, and it can be very easy to trace where the attempt came from.

My advice is that, if you've simply forgotten your number, you should go into your local bank branch and speak to an advisor.

If you're in possession of someone else's card, however, I'd recommend returning the card to the bank - before you get traced and land yourself in some serious hot water!
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If it is your debit card you should know the PIN, if you have forgotten it - your bank will ask you security questions then give it to you.

If it is not yours and you borrowed it from someone they should have told you the PIN if they were willing to let you use it. If you found it or stole it - do the right thing and don't use it, give it back to the rightful owner.

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