Where's My Renters Rebate Check?


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Wondering when your rebate check is going to arrive can be frustrating but there are ways that you can keep track of it. However this can only be done if the retailer has given you a rebate form that has tracking information on it. If you have this, then you will be able to track your check really easily. There are some websites available that allow you to type in your tracking number, whereas other options include checking on a telephone.

Below are some easy to follow instructions on how to track a rebate check. All you will need is your tracking number, access to the Internet or a telephone.

  • Step one. The first thing for you to do is find a copy of the rebate form that you should have saved after you mailed the originals away to be checked. Somewhere on the form there should be a tracking number form the retailer.
  • Step two. Once you have found your tracking number, you should go to the website that should also be stated on the paperwork and fill in the tab marked rebate status. You will then be asked for some information such as your claim number, ZIP code and email address. Once you have filled all this in, click the tab that says 'check status tab'. Information on your rebate check will be displayed, including whether or not it is currently on its way back to you.
  • Step three. If a website is not available for you to check the status of your rebate check, then you can dial the phone number that will be stated on your rebate paperwork. You will usually be greeted by an automated message who will ask you for your claim number.
  • Step four. Once you have accessed information about your rebate check you should keep checking your emails as the status of your check may be emailed to you soon.

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