When Does Nj's 2010 Renters Rebate Come?


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It is possible to find out when a specific renters rebate is going to arrive to your account by contacting the New Jersey Division of Taxation on 1 800 323 4400 within New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. From anywhere else in the United States you can contact them on 609 826 4400. You will able to contact the department on these numbers seven days a week and in order to ask about your claim you will need your Social Security Number and the amount that you have requested for a rebate to hand. Some details about a renters rebate can be found out by using the online search facility at

If the rebate you have filed for was done using paper forms, the information regarding its return will not be available until six to eight weeks after you mailed the forms. Until your claim has been registered on the division's computer system you will not be able to access any information about it. Once this deadline has passed, the automated phone service will tell you when your refund was mailed and the approximate date you should receive it. This phone service also gives you the option to notify the division of a check that you believe may have been lost in the post. Files that were claimed electronically along with a request to have the money placed directly into a bank account, can be checked through this phone service as well.

Individuals awaiting a renter's rebate can find out if their forms have been received whether they were sent by post or electronically. Electronic claims can be checked using the NJ WebFile website where the forms where initially filled out. If there is a confirmation number after the claim, this means that the claim has been received. Paper filings are not logged on the system and it is not possible to discover their status until they have begun to be processed.

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