What Strategies Can You Use To Incorporate Effective Visual Elements Into Business Presentations? Explain Your Answer.


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Christopher answered
The most important strategy is to remember that the visuals you use should never distract from your key points or message. You do not want your audience staring at an animated spinning globe in the corner of your power point slides or fancy text art, as this will detract from what you are arguing. Keep the visuals on your slides neat, simple and elegant. Only use pictures or other graphics if they help in illustrating your point, but never include them simply because they are decorative.
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Cosmo Chessher answered
One easy and popular way to use visualization as part of your business presentation requires the use of PowerPoint from Microsoft Office. You can present your visual elements from PowerPoint by using an overhead projector. Another method might be you, the presenter, animating yourself before the audience and using visuals such as hand gestures, and body language. Actually body language, or non verbal communication, is a very powerful visual aspect of presenting. Also, charts, graphs and a laptop, perhaps using a Flash presentation.

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