What Are Possible Questions In Call Center Interviews?


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Call center agents are required to have good accents, nice clear voices and persuasive power in discussion. Therefore, the questions asked during an interview for the job of a call center agent would mostly be to assess the above stated qualities. It is crucial for call center agents to be fluent and good at holding conversations. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to focus on during an interview for a call center agent is to speak confidently and clearly and do not let the flow of the conversation break. There should be no uncomfortable silent gaps during the conversations.

Questions that maybe asked in an interview for a call center agent can include:
1. What do you think are the most important qualities for a call center agent?
2. What do you think makes you a good call center agent?
3. In your previous job experience, how many people did you work with, or how many hours a day did you work?
4. What has been the most challenging part of being a call center agent for you?
5. When did you feel you had to make a very difficult decision as a call center agent and how did you arrive upon a decision.
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Tell me about yourself. Hi! Good afternoon. This is Arcenal, Rhaff Kesler. I'm 18 years old and currently residing at Mabolo Cebu City. I could state some of my characteristics, I'm optimistic, hardworking and self-motivated person. Optimistic in the sense that I never let myself be affected by those failures I've been before. Hardworking in the sense that I never left my job undone. And, self-motivated in the sense that I tried to enhance myself by overcoming my weaknesses into a strength that will empower me to be better than before. My motto in life is "I was born to survive." Since it was stated in the Book of Origin by Charles Darwin that in biological nature of life, there is the existence of "survival of fittest" if you're strong you live and if you're weak you die. That's why, I want to be strong because I know that I would be meeting different people in different place at different time.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? As for my strengths, I'm always been a self-starter, always finding ways to improve myself to research, reading and volunteer in various organization. I don't get discourage from simply figuring out puzzle games, solving mathematical problems and frustrating projects in school. However, I love challenges and obstacles, I find fulfillment when I accomplish them, at the same time, my years in UC help me develop my ability to relate with people of all state of life. As for my weakness, maybe I pushed myself too much sometimes that I have to make sure once in awhile that I have enough time to rest and time to have fun so I won't get burned out.

Why call center? Well, I have reasons why I chose this: First, call center industry is quietly related to my course BSIT. Second, I'd like to mingle with different people that would help me gain confidence and I'd like to help aiming for their satisfaction.

Can you describe  a call center environment?
Yes, a call center is a centralised office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting of a large volume of requests. However, the main objective of this is to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from the consumers. It is often operated in an open workspace, and workstations that include computer for each agent and telephone set/headset which is connected to the telecom switch, and one or more supervisor stations.

Why Aegis? Aside of knowing that the company has been providing excellent service towards other countries and the company is financially stable, I know that Aegis People Support values personal and professional fulfillment of their employees. And, they take pride of it by taking care of them. Personal or professional in the sense that they offer an attractive compensation and benefits package, and they have a career advancement opportunities that set their employees to pursue in their long-term professional goals. Aside from that, Aegis People Support Training University has been conducting professional development training which geared towards the continuous improvement of their employees, increasing their marketability and fulfillment. Aegis People Support have also an open-door policy, friendly team management, casual atmosphere, fun work environment and most of all they recognize those who share responsibilty for the stability of the company by rewarding them especially those on the big role.

Tell me about your course. Information technology is the area of managing technology and spans a wide variety of area that include but are not limited to things such as processes, computer software, programming language, computer hardware and data constructs. In short, anything that renders data, information or perceived knowledge in any visual formats whatsoever, via multimedia distribution mechanism is considered a part of the domain space what we call Information Technology.

  Why should we hire you? You should hire me because I am good in communicating skills and I have the qualities of being a call center agent. And if this not enough, I'm also a quick learner who loves to learn new things which can give good returns to my future growth. I am passionate about this work. And I would be so inspired by the thought of getting to actually work with this company of talented staffs and such an exciting brand. I am passionate, hardworker who loves life and possesses an infectious desire to learn and be an inspiration to our customers as well as my fellow co-workers.
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I'm crystal I think I am qualified for this position because I have the skills to communicate clearer and I am a hardworking person.I should be alert always and no stress at all.The most important for me must be patient to talk with.
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I believe you have a call center interview coming up. Well the thing is that just be confident in whatever you say there. Say what you believe in. They just need a person who is confident, can easily communicate, has genuine concerns and most of all is dedicated and honest.

Expect the following questions:

- What are you strengths and weaknesses?

- What do you know about our organization?

- Why do you want to join us?

- What do you know about call centers?

- What is your past experience?

- How does you past experience match up with this job?

- Narrate an incident where you were part of a team and you played a major role in conflict resolution?

- Narrate an event where you were leading a team? How did you ensure success?

- How would you handle a person's complaint if he is irritating and is getting out of limits?

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Why do you think your qualified for the position you been applying
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Yes i do believe i have the guts and the qualifications not only for the knowledge but the characteristics ofcourse ,because skills is trainable but attitude is one of the essential features you should have.i can also strive hard for my future preferences.i am willing to be trained and undergo training if my skills is not enough.because i know i have the potential.all people do positive.(^_^)/
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Some basic questions which you can ask about call center in an interview are given below.
(1) Tell me about you education?
(2) What you want to achieve in your life and how you come to know about this job?
(3) Do you think that your qualifications are enough for this job?
(4) Do you have any experience of customer service?
(5) What qualities make a person good customer service representative or do you think You have some of them?
(6) How call center works?
(7) What do you know about call center?
(8) Why you want to join call center?
(9) Do you have communication skills?
(10) Can you write and speak English without any mistakes?
(11) Tell me your strengths and weakness?
(12) What are your qualities due to which you think that you are the right person to work in call center?
(13) What are your career goals?
(14) What is the role of CSR department in call center?
(15) Do you have writing abilities?
(16) What is mean by IVR?
(17) How you will handle pressure situations?
(18) Tell me importance of good customer service?
(19) Suppose a customer call you and ask about problem with account information. Then how you respond.
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I'm Nancy. I am knowledgeable in computer and the internet. I am actually presently employed as a language consultant or shall I say English as Second Language teacher to Korean students. In my present job, I am working with more than 50 people including the students. Being a call centre agent is  very challenging because I would be able to meet different kinds of people from around the world and I know this job will develop more of my personality and ability as a career person.  Also, for practical reason, it's a common knowledge that this kind of job offers one of the highest compensation in the country.
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Hi, my name is james today.. I will be applying in a call center. And I am having hard time to practice my English accent. I know how to speak and how to answer back but  sometimes I forgot the words to say..
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Your name,your skills and what you know about call centre.In your previous job experience, how many people did you work with, or how many hours a day did you work? What has been the most challenging part of being a call center agent for you?
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Your skill, your family status and of course the knowledge to be in this type of job.
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Hai i'm lyn,,i just want post my comments even if i'm not working in a call center, but still my work now is somehow closely the same, intertained different people, answering phone calls with different accent of course, i worked as an R.S.A rental sales agent, and this is the most challenging work i had, you meet them in person especially if they want a reservation,,,and they have all the talks until you cannot even refused to them and the only thing you can say "ok" even thier has no available
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1)  Tell me something about yourself?
I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems.

2)  What do you seek from a job?
I would like a job which gives me a chance to apply all that I have learned in college as well as one which enables me to grow as a professional. I would like a role which enables me to make a difference.

3)  How would you present your strengths ?

My strength is that I have very strong values and
ethics and a very good eye for detail. I believe in strong relationships and
have a very supportive family and very good friends.

4)  Do you have any weakness?
Always remember – “Try to specify your weakness as your strength and
also highlight it as a benefit.”

Answer: One of my weaknesses as I perceive it would be
occasional compromise on time for quality and perfection. 
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Am fast-learner and easy to work  and get along with...I like meeting and working with people from all walks of life..I love to learn more and share it.
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Yes, because I know that all the question of call center interviews are probably basic...
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  1. Tell something about yourself?
  2. What you understand by the term “Customer Satisfaction”?
  3. What are key attributes of a customer service representative?
  4. How will you enjoy working in a call center?
  5. How you handle work-pressure?
  6. What are the key features you think that customer associate should possess to become perfect customer associate?
  7. Can you handle multiple calls at the same time?
  8. Are you comfortable with night shifts?
  9. While talking to customer, what are the procedures you follow?
  10. Do you enjoy working in a team?
  11. Do you like multi-tasking or you prefer to tackle one problem at a time?
  12. What if the customer is not happy with your answer or solution?
  13. To improve customer service what will be your approach?
  14. What will you do in a situation where system shuts down and you still handling customer on the phone?
  15. Explain how would you handle negative feedback from angry clients?
  16. Explain what steps will you take to deal with your unsatisfied customer?
  17. For implementing a CRM solution to your business what things need to take care of?
  18. Explain how to get a responsive customer feedback?
  19. Mention what are the key aspect that help to improve customer service?
  20. Explain how can you build customer loyalty?
  21. How to deal with abusive/slang using customer?
  22. How do you deal with the question you don’t know the answer that customer asked?
  23. Explain how to deal with customers who deny to pay for service/product?
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