What Are Emirates Airlines Interview Questions?


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It is more than likely that the questions will vary from person to person and depending on who interviews you but there will probably be a general theme. They will be looking for someone who is passionate and enthusiastic so make sure this shines through during your interview.

Interviewers will also be looking for:
- Patience
- Excellent verbal communication skills
- Perseverance to excel
- The ability to keep calm in emergency situations
- Polite, friendly yet professional attitude

Ensure that these skills are on show during your interview but you should never lie during an interview as it is usually obvious when people are 'stretching the truth'.
There are a huge variety of questions you may be asked but it is likely they may include some of these:
-  What are the strengths that make you a suitable candidate? Do not be afraid to highlight all of your qualities and it is a good idea to list all of these before the interview because it is extremely likely you will be asked a question similar to this.
- Can you tell us some of your weaknesses?
- Have there been situations when you have lost your temper? It is likely you will be asked a question like this and it is a good idea not to go into too much detail if you easily lose your temper. It is a good idea to show a little example and then say how you overcame this situation which resulted in a happy and satisfied customer.
- How would you define good and bad customer service in the airline sector? Can you give examples of both? Make sure you are prepared for this answer so you can give a clear, concise answer that is well presented and well thought out.

You should also do some research into the history of Emirates and search their website to find out as much as you can about the company.

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