Please Briefly Explain Delphi Technique Of Decision Making?


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The Delphi Technique: It now is used as a multipurpose planning tool. The Delphi technique is a group process that anonymously generates ideas or judgments from physically dispersed experts. Unlike the NGT, experts' ideas are obtained from questionnaires or via the internet as opposed to face- to- face group discussions. A manager begins the Delphi process by identifying the issue(s) he or she wants to investigate. For example, a manager might want to inquire about customer demand, customers, future preferences, or the effect of locating a plant in a certain region of the country.

Next, participants are identified and a questionnaire is developed. The questionnaire is sent to participants and returned to the manager. In today's computer- networked environments, this often means that the questionnaires are E- mailed to participants. The manager then summarizes the responses and sends feed- back to the participants. At this stage, participants are asked to (1) review the feedback, (2) prioritize the issues being considered, and (3) return the survey within a specified time period. This cycle repeats until the manager obtains the necessary information.
The Delphi technique is useful when face- to- face discussions are impractical,

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