Briefly Explain The Various Steps In The Consumer Decision-making Process. Do All Consumer Decisions Involve These Steps?


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There are 5 stages in Consumer decision making process and when ever customers buy any product they go with the same process every time either intentionally or unintentionally. This process include following 5 stages:

In first, problem recognition, stage the consumers recognize the product as his need or want. The most common problem is when customers recognize they are out of the product Like the car flue tank is almost empty.
In second, Information search, stage customers search for information that is useful in making a buying decision.  They mostly look for commercial sources which include ads, salespeople, newspapers, and billboards.

After getting the information customers will to evaluate the information by normally compare different products according to their different features and advantages.

In fourth, Purchase decision, stage; the consumers are now ready to make a buying decision of a specific product. Lots of factors effects the consumer buying decision like product price, family and friend’s opinion and so one.

At the end, after buying decisions, the customers often evaluate the product.  In this phase the customer looks for reasons to support his buying decision.
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There are three major steps in consumer decision making process and it is not necessary that all of the consumer follow each and every step:

1. Routine response behaviour— In which routinely products are purchased.

2. Limited problem solving—At this stage consumer has limited experience to buy products.

3. Extended problem solving—It is the most complex step of consumer decision making.

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