Please Explain Briefly Why You Are Applying For This Position?


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This sentence appears on almost every job application; answering the question correctly is important, because your answer will reflect upon your value system, goals, and general personality. Employers put these questions into applications because, in general, they require some creativity to answer. Employers are looking for certain types of people with certain positive traits; choosing the right answer to the question, "explain briefly why you are applying for this position" can win you an interview or knock you out of the running. The best way to answer the question is to show enthusiasm for the work that will be performed.

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If you're applying for a job that will put you in the public eye, it's a great idea to stress your people skills, outgoing nature, and your ability to be diplomatic. Employers are looking for people who want to help others (especially if it's a retail position); the best retail employees can take a certain degree of attitude from rude customers, without getting too upset, or taking things too personally.

Tell the employer (though your answer) that you love meeting new people and forming new connections, and that you think this job could be an excellent way to use your people skills to move forward in your career.

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If the job is more complex or technical, outline a few key credentials that give you credibility. If you want the job because you attended technical college and you loved your field of study, let them know that - it will matter a lot. Of course, they'll see your resume list of educational experience, but it still helps to tell them in plain language that you're qualified and you want to work in their field.

Your answer doesn't have to be flowery - it can be matter of fact, as long as the overall tone is very positive and enthusiastic.
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