What Effect Has Office Automation Had On Today's Business Environment?


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Office automation has an enormous effect on business, in a variety of following ways:

The process of routine data can be done in greater volumes, at greater speed and with greater accuracy than with manual systems.

There might be less paper (but not necessarily so) with more data processing done by keyboard. Data transmission is likely to shift from moving paper to moving data electronically. Files are likely to be magnetic disk files or micro form files rather than paper files.

Office staff will be affected by computerization. Office staff will need to show greater computer awareness, especially in areas of the office where computerization is most likely to occur first, such as the accounts department.

The nature and quality of management information will change. Managers are likely to have access to more information. Information is also to be more accurate, reliable and up to date. Information for control should be more readily available.

The organizational structure might change. Stand-alone PC's allow local office mangers to set up local management information systems, and localized data processing. Multi-user systems and distributed data processing systems also put more data processing power into local offices, giving local managers access to centrally-held databases and programs.
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Really very little. This much heralded thing has been a topic for very nearly thirty years. The basics have not changed, some media has, some jobs have gone. But thats it.
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To combine high levels of functionality with precise positioning and multiple points needed, actuators advances

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