What Can Give You An Edge Over Other Applicants?


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If this question is asked in an interview, your answer should be somewhat like this; "My edge from other applicants are my competencies and skills relevant to this job and my willingness to work under any kind of pressure. I am a fast learner and I can provide solutions based on my vast experience".
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If you are asked, "What makes you unique from other candidates? Or
What gives you an edge from other applicants?" It is going to come down to
just a couple of factors.

First, it will come down to your skills and experience and how those are
unique from other candidates.

Secondly, you will also have to present your own motivations, and why you
are going to be more dedicated to this job than other people would be.

The key with thinking about your skills and experience is to identify how
they are unique from other people and present that as your case as what makes you unique. 

Then highlight your dedication and consistency and your willingness
to work hard in this job in combination with those skills.

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