What Are The Five Steps In Human Resource Planning Process?


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The five main steps in Human Resource Planning can be set out in the following list:
•Designing a management system to deal with the corporate goals and objectives. This will be designed based on determining the workload needed to achieve these goals. The overall aim is to ensure the Human Resource systems are being managed in line with the main objectives and goals of the organization as a whole.
•Studying the current workforce and assessing its effectiveness and potential needs. For instance, the Human Resource department should determine whether roles need to be filled in specific departments in order to meet working quotas or targets. It is then the responsibility of the department to advertise the role and getting it filled within a set period of time. This will also include writing up job descriptions and specifications suitable to the role.
•Looking at the current workforce and making forecasts on any future operational needs. This may include restructuring the workforce or outsourcing specific departments. By looking at the types of skills needed to fill the roles, the organization will be able to get the best suited candidates for specific jobs. This trend forecasting can be achieved by looking at past experiences and looking at other case studies within their sector.
•Making improvements to plans that are already in place. By taking employee feedback on board, make changes to make all processes more accessible and user friendly. Also make sure staff members are aware of their rights when it comes to maternity leave or booking annual leave.
•Making changes and improvements to procedures such as reporting grievances within the workplace. Maintaining confidentiality in all cases and ensuring employees are treated fairly and with the utmost respect at all times. Make sure there are effective action plans in place to deal with all eventualities that could occur within the organization.
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The five steps of Human Resource Planning are the following:
1. Determining the workload inputs based on the corporate goals and objectives.
2. Studying the the jobs in the company and writing the job description and job specification
3. Forecasting of manpower needs.
4. Inventory of Manpower.
5. Improvement Plans.
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1-determination of the organizational objectives
2-determining the skills and expertise that required
3-mention the additional skills
4-action plan
5-evaluation process

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1. Goals and plans of the organisation

2. Current human resource situation

3. Human resource forecast

4. Implementation of the HR plan

5. Audit and adjustment
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Assess the organizational objectives
assess the HR demand
Assess the HR supply
check on both HR demand and HR supply
apply the HR plan
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I guess is the forecasting of demand
forecasting of supply
closing the gap between demand and supply
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1. Planning for future needs.

2. Planning for future balance

3. Planning for recruiting and selecting or for laying off

4.P lanning for development

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In the highly competitive scenario, we can't say no to attract and retain right talents. A successful recruitment strategy enables any company to hire a right candidate. In such a challenging market, Recruiters need to think like marketers. I would like to suggest some points to be taken care of while preparing a fruitful recruitment strategy :

1. Goal & Timeline Determination :

Choosing a date to start the recruitment process as well as putting deadlines to send applications is a good practice. But during this process, the business goals must not be kept aside.

2. Job Description review and update : The complete job description must be checked and it has to be ensured that all necessary information is included.

3. Stay active on Social Media : Post your requirement on various social media platforms.

4. Proper Interview Process & Documentaion process must be implemented.

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The key to a victorious project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any kind of project.
Over and over again project planning is unobserved in support of getting on with the work. However, many people fail to appreciate the value of a project plan in saving time, money and many problems.
Step 1: Project Goals
Step 2: Project Deliverables
Step 3: Project Schedule
Step 4: Supporting Plans
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Human resource planning is the term used to describe how companies ensure that their staff are the right staff to do the jobs. Human resources planning seeks to maintain and improve an organisations ability to achieve corporate objectives by developing strategies which are designed to increase the present and future contribution of manpower.
there are five steps in Human resources Planning:

Examine the existing situation to see if managing effectiveness can be improved
plan to asses and determine future objectives of the business
determine the method of organisation needed and the posts needing to be filled
note the present staff, their potential and career requirements
identify requirements for manpower required.
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Strategic Alignment
Human resource forecasting
Productivity and cost analysis
Implementation programs
Audit and adjustment
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1) examining the organisational objectives
2) assessing the demand for human resource
3) assessing the HR supply
4) the demand forecast and supply forecast
5) the HR plan

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